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Shipping & Returns

Packages ship out on Saturday morning so the cut off for orders that week is Friday by 5pm EST. Orders after that time are included on the next week's shipment. We do not accept returns or offer refunds of any kind, so please take your time when ordering!

Store Policy

We use PayPal for our payment system and do not collect any personal data to sell to third party sites.

We strive to maintain your privacy.


Also, please make sure your information is correct in the PayPal database as we can only see what PayPal sends us, and we want to make sure you get your order!

Customer Care:

As an online Tea Store,

we sell our Signature Blends of loose tea in resealable bags.

The teas are sold by weight, not volume, so the actual amount of tea in a bag may vary depending on the tea you order.

Payment Methods

We currently only accept PayPal for all transactions.

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